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If you share our passion for helping people improve how they work and live, we invite you to join us as a
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How it Works

1. Apply to join as an Expert

 The first step in the process is to apply to become part of our expert community.

We’re looking for individuals who aren’t shy about sharing their knowledge to help others achieve success in work and life.

2. Complete your Profile

Once you complete your profile, it will be showcased on our platform so that visitors from around the globe can learn more about you and your skillset.

Your custom profile also includes your information and a contact form to receive inquiries from potential clients.

3. Share your Knowledge

Only after you share your expertise, can we promote you on our platform and through our various distribution channels.

Crafting bite-sized content can be as streamlined as writing an article or creating a video from your mobile phone.

Benefit to Experts

We Promote You and Your Message Around the Globe

Every single day, millions of people search for ways to improve their lives. We cater to this massive audience by distributing expertise from our partners through our web channels, on social media and top news outlets around the globe. 

Every content piece you create links back to your Expert Profile which includes your contact information and bio.

We Help Experts Stay at the Forefront With Research & Data

Our experts crave deep connections with their audience. We help them get a clear understanding of who that audience is.

Only our Experts receive monthly reports showing them what’s trending around the globe, and more concretely, what matters to our users so that they can get a clear picture of how to reach and engage people in the most meaningful way.

We Help People Find You Specifically

When a Well Composed expert writes an article or uploads a video, we utilize data-science to align visitors with content that we know will resonate with their target audience.

We can help shape the world...together!

We’ve created a podium for you to reach the masses. 

Tapping into 9 distinct distribution channels.