The 9 Components of Wellness

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Learn about the 9 Components

Through our 9 component framework, we help you assess nine distinct areas of wellness so that you can get a clear picture of your overall well-being.


Based on your own unique and individualized results, combined with our cutting-edge resources, you’ll be able to address the gap between where you currently are, and where you ultimately want to be. 

Emotional Core is the ability to understand and manage our emotions in a constructive manner.  When you have a strong emotional core, you’ll be better equipped to adequately cope with life’s ups and downs and successfully adapt to change in difficult times. 

Financial Lifestyle is about sustaining and managing your financial resources to be able to live within your means (both now and into the future).  It’s undeniable that making educated financial decisions and investments is important to your overall financial lifestyle, but many people take for granted the discipline it takes to forgo the now (the things we really want today), for a future benefit that for the most part must be imagined. Establishing a lifestyle that supports both short and long-term needs is a key component of a well-composed life.

Professional Calling has to do with the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment you receive from doing the work that you love. It involves the preparation and mastery of your skills and talents in order to experience flow – the sense of complete immersion in an activity. When you are living true to your professional calling, you will be more resilient to the setbacks and hurdles that you may face in your career.

Physical Vitality is founded on the principle of establishing healthy habits throughout your lifetime. It encompasses a variety of health-related practices including proper exercise, nutrition, and rest. Learning about your body, getting regular medical checkups, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will have a tremendous impact on your energy and overall wellbeing.

Social Connection at its core is about relationships – doing life with other people, and finding value in that connection without want or need. Seeking to understand without judgment, having an openness to improve how you communicate and helping people when they are in need, will have a profound impact on your overall well-being.

Spiritual Purpose is about cultivating the guiding beliefs, principles, or values that give direction and meaning to your life. It involves having an openness to understanding the inner-self so that you can be free to experience things that are even greater. Gaining Spiritual Purpose is what helps establish harmony between the self in reflection to the outside world.

Recreational Flow is about setting aside time and allowing yourself to unwind and enjoy life. When you incorporate activities that bring joy into your world, you foster a greater sense of satisfaction and engagement. Simply put: enjoying life helps keep you healthy and it has even been proven to increase longevity.

Intellectual Strength is about the pursuit of growing and expanding your knowledge and skills. This component entails maintaining curiosity and pursuing activities that stimulate you mentally. Strengthening your mind doesn’t have to be boring. There are countless ways to expand your mental elasticity for benefits that can be applied to an infinite number of areas in your life.

Environmental Awareness is about understanding how the world and physical spaces we interact with affect our health and well-being.  When we consider our work environment, our home, and our earth, we begin to appreciate how we are connected to a living world that impacts our lives both at home and work.

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